The Benefits And Disadvantages of Installing Custom ROM On An Android Device

R-O-M is an acronym that stands for Read Only Memory. It is an OS (Operating System) that runs the droid. It is usually stored in the memory of the device. ROMs can be classified into two types- The stock ROM and the Custom ROM.

Stock ROM

This ROM type has been pre-installed from the factory by the manufacturer of the device. It's optimization depends on the device configuration. It cannot be edited by the user as it has many restrictions.

Android is an open source OS. The code can be taken and customized by developers to suit their taste. They can also add other features to it and even build a whole new operating system. Custom ROM is a customized android OS usually stored on the mobile phone's read-only memory and replaces the operating system installed by the manufacturer.

Although rooting allows people to remove apps called bloatware pre-installed by the manufacturer, users still has to select the apps they want and the ones they don't and uninstall each app they do not want manually. During the creation of custom ROMs however, these apps have been removed by the developers. They are not included in the operating system, thus you only have to install it and your device is now free of bloatwares.

It enables you to experience various UI (User Interface) and select the one that suits you the most. Example is the Sense UI customarily for HTC phones which can be installed on other devices and this gives you an HTC phone experience without having a HTC phone. You can also decide to install the stock android on your phone. This is usually faster than the ones traditionally installed on mobile phones like HTC or Samsung.

The Benefits Of A Custom ROM Installation

Before You Install A Custom ROM

The device to be customized needs to be rooted before a custom ROM can be installed. The process of removing the restrictions put in place by the manufacturer on an android device is called rooting. Rooting enables you to perform lots of customization on your phone. It also changes the user's privilege to a super user from the normal guest user. Rooting is viewed as a protective measure. However, some peopledo not like them because it does not give them the access for certain customizations on their android device. It is very important you know that when you root your device, your warranty becomes void. User installation of custom ROM is very beneficial but it also has some downsides. Below are its main pros and cons.

Latest Version Of Android

The updated version of android is the main reason most people install custom ROM. Users are able to make their old devices look new by installing the newest android version on them. Apart from making users' phones look new, it also provides them with a more stable newer version compared to the old one and thus ensures better performance.


The ROMs installed by the user are not as secure as the ones pre-installed from the factory by the manufacturer. This produce bugs that leads to instability. It may cause the phone to reboot randomly or applications to force close. The phone could also be stuck in bootloop.

Underclocking And Overclocking

This is actually not an advantage of a custom ROM installation. It is more associated with the custom kernel that is installed with that particular ROM. The custom kernel is a system file that functions as a driver for the OS. Anyways, it enables you underlock or overlock your device. The process of running the GPU or CPU of the device at a speed higher than the one the manufacturer intended is Overlock. It provides the user with higher performance. It is however not advisable as it can damage the device. The opposite of this is underlocking. It is modifying the device to run at a speed lower than the one intended. It compromises some performances but prolongs the life of your battery. Custom kernels can also be installed separately.


The load of customization available to users is another reason people decide to install custom ROM on their android phones. Cool and stunning themes can give their devices a new look. It enables you to edit the User Interface (UI) to whatever you desire.

Custom Mods

There are a lot of custom mods for a custom ROM that attracts people to install on their mobile phones. Such custom mode varies. They range from simple ones like those that increases the volume higher than the default limit to those with huge modifications like the pie controls mod or the multi-window mod.

Disadvantages Of
Custom ROM By User


The fear of bricking is one of the reasons why users hesitate to install custom ROMs on their phones. When bricking occurs, the device becomes unusable and it becomes as useless as a block of brick. Another reason bricking is feared is because once a device is in that state, it cannot be recovered.

Battery Life Problem

Some of these ROMs are not completely optimized for certain devices. This causes battery life issues. If this occurs, it results in the battery not charging properly, draining more and it sometimes damage it.

Hardware Issues

Some ROMs does not support all the device hardwares. This can result in the unsupported hardware not functioning or other problems. The camera may not work or the quality of the pictures take will be poor.